QA & Automation Framework

Deploying software that works requires ideal environment, processes and infrastructure. DIBSYS Inc.'s quality assurance (QA) services provide the right people, the right processes and right tools to ensure software quality.

DIBSYS Inc. contributes to your success by integrating seamlessly with your team and aligning ourselves with your business objectives. DIBSYS Inc.'s QA services produce tangible results: effective and efficient software processes, reduced costs for development and maintenance, faster deployment and complete customer satisfaction.

DIBSYS Inc.'s QA services includes


DIBSYS Inc. delivers complete solutions, or enhances existing regression test automation process within your testing and / or development group(s). We identify the ideal places to apply or improve automation with best practice processes while leveraging existing tool's investment. We also provide an auto-tools evaluation and recommendation if applicable. Changing and optimizing your current test automation affects many internal groups. Allow DIBSYS Inc.'s independent consulting approach help to minimize the tunnel vision, internal corporate dynamics and inexperience which can affect the outcome of these changes.


We align tools selection criterion with your specific requirements to ensure that the most appropriate tool or suite is selected. Our experience with each tools vendor allows DIBSYS Inc. to make a quick determination of which option will best fit your current investments, processes and future needs.


Our Proof of Concept service validates the tool(s) selected in the Tool Review phase. The selected tool needs to be shown to work within the development technologies and methodology. DIBSYS Inc. drives this important validation step to reduce risk and prove that this selection will deliver the ROI.


Whether you need complete outsourced support or simply training for your manual test developers, DIBSYS Inc. provides the strategy and / or execution for automated script development and maintenance guidelines. We help avoid pitfalls with mismanaged configuration and release strategies and educate on the necessity for shared libraries and automation frameworks.


DIBSYS Inc.'s Automation Framework Development services provide an enhanced automation script development framework for almost any preferred automation tool. DIBSYS Inc. adapts to each client with our experience and provides typically hybrid models designed and built for reusability, maintainability and sustainability.


DIBSYS Inc. can take over your regression testing or show you how to leverage automation for the biggest bang for your buck. Precise planning and tight management of release and configuration cycles is where DIBSYS Inc. focuses to guarantee the delivery of a well executed regression automation strategy.

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