Private LTE & 5G Networks

Private LTE & 5G Networks

Dynamic Interactive Business System Inc. (DIBSYS Inc.) Private LTE and 5G Networks is a turnkey, managed service that brings together all the technology, deployment and support components necessary to create and operate your own private LTE or 5G network. Using CBRS spectrum, the power and security of state-of-the-art cellular networks can now be dedicated to your specific wireless communications needs, both indoors and outdoors.

Our Solution – With DIBSYS Inc. Private LTE and 5G Networks, we have pioneered a comprehensive approach to designing, implementing and operating both indoor and outdoor cellular-grade networks. DIBSYS Inc. brings your project superior performance and security for mission critical applications using the highly capable yet no-cost CBRS radio spectrum. We use proven components from the world’s leading manufacturers to create a network perfectly suited for your particular needs. Private LTE is the ideal backbone for your IoT, automation and private voice and communications plans, all delivered and managed with DIBSYS Inc. service.

DIBSYS Inc. has been in the business of running cellular infrastructure as a managed service for well over a decade. Bring DIBSYS Inc.'s experience in the activation and operation of private LTE networks into your project so that you can concentrate on the specific needs of your end users rather than the complexity of the wireless network. DIBSYS Inc. offers all the required components and services as a managed service, enabling you to engage your end users and bring them leading edge private LTE and 5G with the confidence you have a partner to make it work all day, every day 24 x 365.


Indoor and Outdoor Options – Industry leading capability to deliver private LTE/5G networks either indoors, outdoors or a combination of indoor and outdoor in a campus environment. DIBSYS Inc. can provide network solutions to any type of property.

End to End. – Along with centralized SIM and network management, all of the private LTE / 5G network components come integrated. Indoor and outdoor access points and mobile core are deployed with zero-touch, integrating directly with an existing enterprise network.

Cloud Born, Edge Ready.DIBSYS Inc.'s cloud-native software architecture is designed to scale from one to thousands of access points without losing a beat. Its private mobile network core can be deployed on-premises, reducing network latency for connected apps and improving data privacy.

Monitoring and MaintenanceDIBSYS Inc. will monitor and maintain sophisticated cellular infrastructure as a service to big public network operators. When applied to your private network, our monitoring ensures the network is always performing at its best and offloading the monitoring and maintenance from your in-house IT teams allows them to concentrate on serving the specific needs of your end users and not having to deal with obscure cellular technology problems.

Converged Mobile App with Intelligent QoS ManagementDIBSYS Inc. has developed converged App for various sectors such Healthcare, Public Safety, Govt. offices etc. which is fully secured and runs on DIBSYS Inc. Private networks ensure a guaranteed quality of service for voice, messaging and data in mission critical environments, where dropped calls & undelivered messages can cost lives. Enabling the use of a broad spectrum of cellular devices, we integrate with the latest paging call technologies and remove the need for ageing paging systems. Doctors and nurses are naturally nomadic in their work. Our networks ensure that they are contactable right across the hospital campus. We ensure every call and message is delivered and we capture this traffic on our tailored reporting applications, so there are clear audit trails.

Who Benefits From Using DIBSYS Inc. Private LTE and 5G Networks?

The DIBSYS Inc. Private LTE and 5G Networks service was specifically developed to provide a dependable communications backbone for mission critical applications. Services and applications that run on private LTE and 5G include last mile connectivity for wireless ISPs, medical equipment monitoring, transportation and warehousing automation, push-to-talk radio communications, high definition security cameras and many more. If your organization requires quality, high performance wireless communications, spare the time and expense of learning the intricacies of cellular networking technology by turning to the private network experts at DIBSYS Inc. We help enterprise customers to play a neutral-host provider to share revenues with Carriers. The DIBSYS Inc. Neutral-host service offers an economical way to eliminate weak cellular signals and enhance in-building voice quality and mobile data throughout for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

Next StepsDIBSYS Inc. Private LTE and 5G Networks promise superior performance over older technology like Wi-Fi but that advantage comes with much greater technical complexity. Allow the cellular networking experts at DIBSYS Inc. to design, build and manage your network so you can concentrate on serving your end users.

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