Our extensive work with Clients & Customers, adds up to tons of person years of experience. This track record has helped us establish an SP Challenges Framework that can help you through our best-in-breed consulting and BPO offerings. Right from strategic objective setting to the go-to-market scenario, we understand the various challenges that an early-stage Customer faces, compared to a mature Customers.We also appreciate that, unlike one-off application development, software products have a more involved lifecycle from visualizing, architecting, developing the product followed by releasing it to deploying it at end-customer sites.

Managing a software product lifecycle, therefore, requires a longer commitment to the product vision and a more mature and far-sighted execution approach – the kind of commitment and execution that DIBSYS Inc. is well-known for.

From Consulting to BPO…
Our wealth of Customer & Client experience across industries and lifecycle stages enables us to not just establish a full range of services, from Consulting, Product Development to BPO but also to tune our operations and meet the needs of various Customer & Client engagements through our unique practice business framework.

DIBSYS Inc. works with you through all phases of the lifecycle, with targeted services ranging from product engineering through Product PSO and Product Support.

Framework  with DIBSYS Inc.
Our framework enables Customer & Clients to optimally allocate resources between core and non-core activities, establish a solid technology foundation for their products and make them keenly oriented toward end-client needs.

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