DIBSYS Inc.'s managed services offering have the following key characteristics:

  • Total ownership of identified services to be provided by DIBSYS Inc.
  • Managed using Service Level Agreements (SLAs) agreed between Customer and DIBSYS Inc.
  • Execution / Delivery methodology of service is transparent to Customer.
  • Leverages DIBSYS Inc. Production Support process framework and domain expertise at project and individual levels.
  • Project based consultant support or outsourcing of testing effort and automation.
  • Involve and implement processes and standards from projects evolution phase to projects successful completion.

This model provides the following benefit to the customer:

  • Removes the management and execution overhead from customer
  • Allows objective evaluation of services provided and clear identification of improvement area
  • Clear ownership and accountability for services
  • Derives benefits from DIBSYS Inc. expertise and best practices

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