Outsourcing your product's business processes helps you trim costs and complexity -– and the headaches that go with them.
DIBSYS Inc. leverages IT-enabled services that help bring your product to market faster and effectively fulfill after-sales support.
Our Product BPO practice builds on our end-to-end service capability and strong process toolsets. DIBSYS Inc.'s highly-trained people, efficient workflows and time-to-response advantages help you with:

Customer Support
We provide Level 1 and Level 2 support via e-mail, telephone and other help desk channels governed by disciplined SLA management processes, which help you optimize costs by sidestepping peripheral up-front investments while sustaining high-quality support to your end customers.

Back-office Services
We will handle your product's back-office processes, sales orders and invoicing, time tracking, renewal estimates and customer statistics reporting.
DIBSYS Inc.'s seamless distributed support centers are staffed with consultants of exceptional customer service and communication skills. They have deep experience in supporting financial and accounting services, CRM, ERP and e-commerce technologies.

Enhanced understanding of your product is the key to enduring sales. DIBSYS Inc.'s eTraining services will help you introduce new offerings or features, educate customers (usage guides, self-service techniques, etc) compare competing products and services, and more. We have practice-proven solutions to help you “train hundreds but save thousands”:

  • Instructional systems
    Building comprehensive tutoring/coaching/mentoring platforms for product/customer support
  • eLearning platforms
    Designing, developing and deploying modular, reusable eLearning templates and content
  • Authoring and multimedia development
    Generating adaptation-aware material for easy adopting to multiple media formats and platforms
  • Content management
    Developing, maintaining and updating product-specific knowledge and process documentation

Our Product BPO service will help you stay focused on core competencies while meeting the ever-pressing requirements to nurture strategic product value and development.

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