Customer Relationship Management

DIBSYS Inc. delivers advanced, innovative business solutions for optimizing customer relationships.

360-degree View of Customers
We develop strategies, implement solutions, and provide ongoing support, both onshore and offshore, to help our clients better understand their customers and customer behavior, to manage their relationships, capture relevant data, improve retention, and increase customer value.
Our customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities focus on: 

  • A sales transformation map that provides a consolidated view of each customer and enable sales staff to strategically cross-sell/up-sell across the entire customer base 
  • Vendor evaluation and package selection 
  • Managing a global/virtual delivery team, both onshore and offshore 
  • Integrating multiple data sources, identifying the most profitable clients, and analyzing data effectively 
  • Developing and deploying a fleet-footed contact management system 
  • Implementing a call center workbench that facilitates improved customer service and increased productivity with outbound calling activities 
  • Creating a single view of the customer across all lines of business, increasing cross-selling opportunities, and blending corporate and private banking models for maximum efficiencies and application reuse 
  • Improving the customer ownership experience, increasing sales, and executing tailored marketing campaigns while reducing technology costs

Large and global organizations appreciate DIBSYS Inc.’s qualifications and skills in CRM. We have the experience to leverage a complex interplay of information to maximize your probability of a sale or improve service levels. DIBSYS Inc. has deep expertise in building intelligent client data services through the complex integration of analytical, CRM and channel technologies. With our compact, blended teams, DIBSYS Inc. can help you reap tangible business benefits, maximizing our strong partnerships with vendors such as Siebel Systems, PeopleSoft and Group 1 to provide solutions that exceed your expectations.

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