Product Services

As an implementation partner, DIBSYS Inc. provides the expertise to optimize and customize products for end-clients. Our deep domain expertise and experience of consulting experience leverages a wide spectrum of requisite skills for understanding end clients’ needs and business processes better, thereby delivering greater value to our Customers and Clients.
Our Product Services can help you with:

  • Identification of product changes to meet end-client’s requirement
    • Gap analysis
    • Architecture and Design
    • Graphical User Interface
    • Embedded business rules/logic
  • Customization and Deployment
    • Changes/migration in/of data between client’s and end-client’s databases
    • Porting of product for an end-client
    • Upgrading installed versions of the client’s products
    • Integrating client’s products with other applications
  • Build adapters and toolkits
    • Customizing and implementing adapters
    • Building a customization tool-kit for engineering
  • Testing
    • Functional and Technical test plan creation
    • Test plan execution

With our global presence, DIBSYS Inc. has flexible engagement models to assist our Customer and Clients. Our robust processes and project management methodologies ensure smooth implementation through a highly reliable and cost-effective distributed delivery model.

For further information about availing our services in the areas of Product Services , Contact Us or email at to schedule a meeting.